Funny Stuff/Misc Audio


  1. Capital FM- Jingle Bell Ball
  2. Z103.5 Voice Girl
  3. KC likes K3
  4. KIIS Sydney- Kyle & Jackie O Opener
  5. WFLZ Outtakes from back in the day- (not kid friendly!)
  6. Promo with Brian James
  7. Scrubbing Bubbles WTF?!- (not kid friendly!)
  8. Lakers Remix- BT and Queen
  9. Lebanon- Paul Van Dyke
  10. WNCI Imaging Composite
  11. K3 voiced and produced
  12. KIIS Sydney- Kyle & Jackie O
  13. Phone Bloopers
  14. The Cure makes it into a KIIS promo
  15. The first top of hour k3 produced for kiis
  16. Phone Bloopers
  17. Cool Seacrest/Madonna Open k3 produced
  18. Best Stunting Prod EVER by Steve Sykes, K3 VO