There are a lot of really good imaging sound libraries out there that you can just plug and play. Download, import and put in your session. Simple. We’ve been doing it that way for 20 years now. But how about using virtual instruments in your imaging workflow. There are several libraries on Native Instruments Kontakt platform that have sounds pretty similar to the stuff we are used to getting on standard sound effect libraries. The catch is, you control them through MIDI. Either a keyboard controller, or the virtual keyboard that is on the Kontakt player. You just press a button and the sound plays. The really cool thing is you can modify what the sound does right on the instrument and mangle it in real time to fit your project. Pretty cool.

Here’s an example from Sample Logic’s “Assault”
Damage is another good library.
I know a lot of you are working with Adobe Audition which doesn’t support MIDI, but that’s ok, Kontakt Player is a stand alone program, so you can just play the sounds from it, right into which ever editor you are using.
Using MIDI might seem a bit unorthodox to use on imaging, but there’s a whole world of sound that a lot of radio people aren’t exploring yet.


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