Meet Kelly Kelly Kelly. No- she doesn't just feel like repeating her name three times. It's from an episode of "Cheers" where Woody's present to Kelly is "The Kelly Song". The lyrics are now hanging in Burbank, autographed by Woody Harrelson for Kelly Doherty; one of the only female voice/radio producers in the world.

K3 was born in Los Angeles. She left SoCal the day after her high school graduation and found herself back home ten years later.

It began at KRQQ/Tucson where she produced, imaged the station and hosted overnights. Then on to Minneapolis to image KDWB and host middays on sister KTCZ. In 2000- she traded the snow for the sun to image the seven stations of Miami's Clear Channel cluster. Two years later… John Ivey called. And the rest of the world followed.

In addition to KIIS, Kelly is also the female voice of WHTZ/New York, WKSC/Chicago, WIHT/Washington, D.C., WWWQ/Atlanta, KZZP/Phoenix, KHTS/San Diego, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Portland, Cleveland, etc.

She's also heard across Canada from British Columbia to Quebec and aournd the world in Lebanon, Dubai, Malta and more. Add another 800 stations with Premiere's "American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest," over 150 more stations in the United Kingdom for "The Entertainment Edge with Ryan Seacrest" and don't forget the syndicated "Hot 30 Countdown" throughout Australia.

That's just the voice part… K3 is Clear Channel's Director of Imaging for National Programming Platforms while overseeing local imaging for KIIS FM and alternative 98-7 (KYSR), in Los Angeles. She's also voicing and imaging "On Air with Ryan Seacrest", syndicated on hundreds of more radio stations five days a week. So- if her voice seems a bit "bitchy" and "sarcastic"- It's not just an act: She's probably having a reeeeeeeeally busy day. …she's just sayin'.